Single Story Homes for Sale in Las Vegas

Single story homes for sale in Las Vegas are increasing in demand. These properties include fairly new and ongoing developments to provide more families with contemporary houses in the heart of Vegas. Las Vegas is has fast become a top site for property development. From the expansive surrounds to its lush golf courses, amenities and gated communities, more people consider the City of Lights to make their home.

Single story homes for sale in Las Vegas offer more than just your typical place of residence. These homes have been stylishly developed with quality finishes and practical open plan living spaces for owners. The many family properties designed in the Las Vegas Valley have buyers lining up to access the value, the modern features and the sheer sophistication of living in a sought after location.

When you are looking for single story homes for sale in Las Vegas, it is important to consider the properties that will best reflect your present and future living standards. The versatility of the houses and the option of living in a gated community or a small independent neighborhood can provide the home of your dreams.

Single story homes for sale in Las Vegas offer more space on the first floor for better value than houses that are two story. Many of the single story homes for sale in Las Vegas provide potential buyers with favorable lot sizes so you can enjoy the spaciousness of your property inside the new house and outdoors.

New houses in Vegas are recognized for its high end features and the sheer sense of luxuriousness it offers its buyers. Investing in property here can prove lucrative and offer the luxuriousness of a contemporary, practical and spacious home. From 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms, find real estate that best suits your lifestyle.

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