Pulte Home Rebate

Buying a new home is an expensive endeavor. Wouldn’t it be nice to put money back in your own pocket to save on some of those moving expenses? With a Pulte Home Rebate, you can do just that!

What is a Pulte Home Rebate?

The Pulte Home Rebate is a type of a discount offered by a realtor that comes directly from their commission. In a home rebate, the realtor shares a percentage of their commission with the buyer once the sale is completed. This strategy is used by a small percentage of realtors across the country and it’s what sets us above our competition!

So why would any realtor offer their clients cashback on a sale? Most realtors work for much larger companies; they must share their commissions with the company. Working as a independent realtor, the Pulte Homes Rebate shares that commission with the buyer instead!  More than that? It offers the LARGEST home rebate in Nevada.

Before you ask – yes, this is a completely legal practice in the state of Nevada (and 40 other states in the US)! 

Is there a limit on the Pulte Home Rebate?

There is NO LIMIT on the amount of rebate or purchase price of the house. Your Home Rebate amount is set by the purchase price paid by the buyer on the property.

The rebate does not affect any other amenities offered by the builder. You are still eligible to receive everything from free upgrades, closing costs and special pricing offered by them. 

How Much is the Pulte Home Rebate for New Homes?

The Pulte House Rebate shares up to 2 ½ % of the commission received from the builder. Frankly, the Pulte Home Rebate depends entirely on the purchase price of the house. The MINIMUM Pulte Home Rebate on new homes is 50% of the commission received from Pulte Homes! That is the guaranteed percentage of rebate that the buyer receives at close of escrow!

These rebates can be utilized to pay closing costs, home improvements, lot premiums, reduce the interest rate of your loan or to buy down the price of the home. After the closing, we can also simply cut you a check with lender consent. Then you are free to spend however whatever you desire!

What are the requirements to get my Pulte Home Rebate on new homes? To be eligible for the Pulte Home Rebate, you must follow certain guidelines.

You’ll need to contact us before visiting any new home communities.

You must visit the possible new home for the first time with us! Some builders may allow us to register you in advance.

If you can be re-registered for the rebate, you must fill out the New Home Builder Representation Form. This form is available to download from our site. Present this form to the builder’s representative and let them know that you are represented by Dan Krynzel of Desert Sky Realty. Registration is required for every community you visit! Registration is typically valid for 30 days.

Are you ready for your rebate? Contact us to receive the Pulte Home Rebate today!

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