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What are Home Rebates and are they legal?

When a realtor shares commissions with the buyer, after the deal has been closed, it is known as a rebate. In the US, it is permitted by the US Department of Justice for realtors in 41 states including Nevada to give a home rebate. Henderson is one of Nevada’s major cities where we at Home Rebate Henderson can share part of our commission with the Buyer of a new or pre-owned home.

How much do I save or get in the form of home rebate in Henderson or other areas of Nevada?

When you work with Home Rebate Nevada the amount of home rebate in Henderson and in other areas of Nevada vary according to the purchase price of homes. If the sales price of the home is under $500,000, we share 30% of our commission received from the seller with the buyer. On homes above $500,000 the percentage of commission shared goes up to 50%.

New homes we share 50% of our commission under $1,000,000. Over $1,000,000 we share 66 % of our commission. New homes commissions are determined on the base price of the new home.

We do not put any limit on the amount of rebate given or on the price of the home. The commission amount depends on the co-op percentage paid to the agent representing the buyer. The normal real estate co-op percentage paid to the buyer’s agent from the seller or new home builder is 3% of the sales price.

There is No limit on the Sales Price of the Home or the Amount of Rebate you can receive!

Can we visit new homes without you?

You can visit homes without us, but you are running the risk of not being able to work with home rebate Henderson and other areas of Nevada that I can share my commission. It is highly recommended that you register on homerebatenevada.com and download our new home registration form. Call me so I can pre-register you with the new home builder before you visit the new home.

Some builders may require me to be with you on your first visit to the new home. By pre-registering you with the builder, may eliminate the need for me to accompany you on your first visit. The new home builder will require you to sign in and clearly state that you are represented by a realtor. Please provide the new home builder with my information you downloaded from the forms TAB


Does the builder give me the same price & incentives if I represent myself?

When you work with home rebate in Henderson, I make sure you get all the discounts, upgrades and any other incentives. I will share 50 % of my commissions which could be used to reduce the price of the new home, upgrades or pay closing costs.

By using home rebate in Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas you will not lose any incentives offered by the new home builder.

You can get a home rebate anywhere in Nevada. Call me at 702-870-6000 or 702-781-8181 so that I can pre-register you with builders before you visit them.

What if I already visited the new home builder?

It might be a very costly mistake if the builder you are working with is not flexible. Most builders are flexible and may allow you to use your home rebate in Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas.

If the home builder is not flexible and will not allow you to use your home rebate in Henderson contact me and I will work with the builder to provide you with a home rebate in Henderson.

What are the qualifications & rebate amount for resale homes?

30% to 50% Home Rebate in Henderson Program Qualification Criteria

Register first on Home Rebate Henderson.

  • I give this program to buyers who are well prepared and low-maintenance
  • I may have to be with You on your first visit to a pre-owned home.
  • The buyer must have sufficient cash to make a down payment and closing costs.
  • You must be pre-approved.
  • The program is not for fancy buyers who want a full office experience and brand name.

What are the steps needed to make sure You receive my resale home rebate in Henderson and other areas in Nevada?

I must show you the home first. You cannot be signed with another Realtor.

  • Sign up on homerebatenevada.com
  • You must be pre-approved before we can show you homes..
  • If you don’t have a list of homes you want to visit, I can do a search for homes directly on the MLS.

When and how will I receive my home rebate Henderson?

At Home Rebate in Henderson our clients receive our home rebate at closing. This is done via Nevada Escrow and Title Company in the form of a credit on the closing costs. This credit is equivalent to cash because it decreases the cash needed at the closing.

Do I need to inform the builder and lender that I’m receiving a home rebate Henderson?

In Nevada it is mandatory to inform your mortgage lender about your home rebate in Henderson.

It recommended informing the new home builder that you are receiving a new home rebate so you can start working on applying your home rebate in Henderson to upgrades, appliance packages or your closing costs. You could use your rebate to buy down the interest rate on your mortgage.

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