Receive Up To 80% of the commission received back at closing on any new construction home, through any builder anywhere in the State of Nevada.

The new home rebate is  up to 2.5% of my commission received from the Seller just about anywhere in Nevada would be together with whatever exclusive promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free alternatives, improvements or any other incentives that the building contractor might be providing in the course of your purchase. The most interesting part is the fact that our services to assist you to buy a new home won’t cost you a penny!

Home Rebates are legal and permitted in Nevada by the Nevada Real Estate Commission including the Department of Justice – and can be utilized to take care of closing costs, pay for improvements, lot premiums, as well as to buy down the price of the home. We can as well cut you a check after closing with lender consent which you are allowed to use for whatever you desire!

Please call me so I can pre-register you with the builder. Pre-registration should eliminate any requirements by the builder for me to accompany you on your first visit


  • Register at Contact me before visiting any new home builders or models you want to visit. Allow me to pre-register you with the builder.  New Home builder may request me to be with you on your first visit to the community.
  • Download New Home Builder Representation Form or Forms. ( Even though I pre-register you with the builder and or builders please download and print as many New Home Builder Registration Forms as needed for visiting new home builders
  • Provide the New Home Registration Form to the builder representative.

If a builder associate requests you to sign in, clearly point out you are represented by a buyer’s Realtor on any paper where you write your name and contact information.

Once you meet with the building contractor you just need to make them aware that you’re using the services of a Realtor then provide them with all my details which I provide to you. Please inform the new area home builder that you are receiving a new home rebate equal up to 2.5% of commission received from the Builder. We should begin working on implementing the rebate towards closing costs (the loan provider will certainly inform us just how much can be used towards closing costs, every single loan differs). Whatever sum is remaining we can utilize to buy down the cost of improvements, appliance packages, lot premiums or perhaps the price of the home. We can possibly cut you a check for the surplus with Loan Provider permission. It’s VITAL that we operate from the onset, together, to make certain that every single penny is utilized appropriately to your purchase. I am pleased to help out with these negotiations.

Your new home rebate is figured on the base price of your new home. Given that you assisted in the search, shouldn’t you enjoy a portion of the commission paid by the New Home Builder?

*Terms and conditions


1 Call or register today - PRIOR to signing a contract with a builder, seller or agent.
2 List NewHomeRebateCalifornia with Real Estate Company as your agent when visiting builders.
3 Close on your perfect home and collect your rebate! We can credit it towards closing costs or write you a check..
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