MacDonald Highlands Home Rebate

Purchasing a new Home in Macdonald Highlands can be a stressful process; it can require spending of an entire life’s savings! What if there was a way you could save some money on your purchase?
Ever heard about home ‘buyer’s rebate? Well, it is the perfect tool that can help you save a handsome amount of dollars while purchasing a new home in MacDonald Highlands.
If you are in search of a reliable realtor to get a home buyer’s rebate on your new home purchase, Dan Krynzel is with whom your search ends! The realtor, Dan Krynzel, offers the best opportunities to home buyers and an amazing chance to get a Huge amount of rebate on the purchase!

Understanding Home rebate
‘Don’t know what home rebate is?
Home rebate or commonly referred to as the home buyer’s rebate or commission rebate is the amount a buyer receives from a realtor. The amount is a fixed portion of the commission a realtor receives from a seller. The commission rebate a realtor gets from a home seller is equal to 2.5% to 3% of the sales price of the home, and UP TO 2 ½% of this commission is the home buyer’s rebate, which means that the amount of home rebate depends upon the price of the home being purchased. Buying a new home in MacDonald Highlands the builder will share 3% of the sales price of the new home with the Realtor. The buyer can save up to UP TO 2 ½% of the base price of the home.
Even the builder offers some incentives to home buyers. The builder incentives such as closing credits, limited time prices, free options, enhancements, and discounts are included with your home rebate.

When purchasing a new home in MacDonald Highlands it is absolutely necessary to develop your home rebate at each phase of the home purchase process. The amount a home buyer gets as the home buyer’s rebate is NORMALLY used to pay the closing costs, new home upgrades, builder property premiums, builders appliance packages, or for lowering the interest rate. It is a legal transaction that is gained recognition in 40 states of the United States of America, including Nevada by the Nevada Real Estate Commission and the Department of Justice.

The Best Home ‘Buyers’ Rebate in the Las Vegas Valley
For home buyers in search of a realtor that offers the most phenomenal commission rebate options in the Las Vegas Valley.

By using us as your realtor, you WILL RECEIVE a NO LIMIT REBATE on the price of your home!

As a realtor in the Las Vegas Valley, we guarantee your rebate! Unlike any other realtor, there are no limitations to the amount you can receive as a home rebate when you purchase a new home in MacDonald Highlands by choosing us as your realtor. We guarantee to give you a NO LIMIT REBATE of the commission RECEIVED from the builder anywhere in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. You will not get any better commission rebate opportunities in the Las Vegas Valley than here, at Desert Sky Realty.

We process your no limit rebate on your new home in MacDonald Highlands as soon as we get to know the amount that we can utilize. The amount of home rebate depends upon the price of the home! Normally, your rebate is used for closing costs. In the case of new homes, if closing costs are paid by the builder on your new home in MacDonald Highlands your rebate may be applied to reducing the costs of the home, upgrades, appliance packages, lot premiums or reduce the interest rate of the loan.

If you decide to buy a resale home instead of a new home in MacDonald Highlands you will still will receive your home rebate.

You will save thousands of dollars when we give you up to 2 ½% of the amount of commission received from the seller of the home.

Here is how it works at Desert Sky Realty
Step 1: Find the Perfect House
If you have decided that you want to find the perfect home in MacDonald Highlands or the Las Vegas Valley, you can use our MLS lookup for potential homes that you would want to take a look at.
Step 2: Getting Pre-Approved
The right way to go about a home purchase is getting approved by a lender, even before you start visiting homes! It helps you stick with your budget as you know exactly what your budget is.
Once you have found the home of your dreams, we are just a call away! You can contact us at:
CELL: 702-870-6000 or 702-781-8118 / E-mail:
Another way to contact us is through our website! We are very responsive and will get back to you as soon as we can!

About Dan Krynzel
Dan Krynzel, Dan, is serving as a professional realtor since 2001. He dedicated eleven years of his life to one of the largest real estate companies in the country. He learned a great deal about the industry, and it was in the year 2017 that Dan joined Desert Sky Realty. He focused all his attention on helping the clients by making the home purchase a less-stressful process by sharing the earned commissions. The rebate that Dan Krynzel offers to his clients is free of any hidden charges and goes up to 2 ½% of the commission he receives from the new home builder or seller of the property.

NEW HOMES in MacDonald Highlands
What do you need to Do?
Before you jump right into the house search, there are some steps that you must complete!
For the best services, get in contact with us by signing up on We will help you search for the perfect house in the right place.
Step 2: Registering with the Builder
By contacting us, we will get you pre-registered with the builder. If you want to visit more than one builder, we will get you pre- registered with as many builders you wish to visit.
Step 3: Download the Form
The next step is to download the representation form from our website. You can download and print as many forms as you like!
Steps before Visiting New Home Developments
1. Register on our website Make sure that we have made contact prior to going any new developments. The builder may require me to accompany you on the first visit to the new home.
2. Download the new home builder representation form for each home builder you plan to visit. Registration is required for each home builder.
3. Provide the Registration form to the new home agent
Let the representative of the new home in MacDonald Highlands know that we are representing you as your buyer’s realtor on any document where you are asked to put down your contact information. It is our job to make sure that the rebate amount is factored into the purchase from the very beginning. The rebate amount is normally used for closing costs, upgrades, appliance packages, reducing the price of the home or buying down the rate of interest. There are times when the new home builder requires me to be with you on your first visit. We ensure that the home rebate is being factored into your new home in MacDonald Highlands purchase from the beginning. Rebates can be used to buy down the expense of upgrades, closing costs, buy down the rate of interest or used to buy down the price of the home. In some cases, such as cash buyers, a rebate results in a surplus amount which may result in a check being issued by title. Your rebate amount is calculated according to the base cost of your new home and can make a significant contribution.

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