Las Vegas Home Rebate

Is Sharing of Agent Commissions Legal in Nevada?

The new home rebate is a discount offered by the realtor. The Las Vegas home rebate issued to clients from the commission of Realtors has been approved by the US Department of Justice. This includes Nevada and 41 other qualifying states.

Sharing Commission with Buyers

New Homes

A Las Vegas home rebate involves the sharing a percentage of the agent’s commission with a buyer upon the successful sale of a new home. For new homes, Home Rebate Nevada will share 50% of the commission received from the new home builder with Buyer.

Resale or Pre-owned Homes

For homes with a value Under$500,000, Home Rebate Nevada will share 33% of my commission Buyer.

For homes with a value of Over $500,000, 50% of Home Rebate Nevada’s commission is shared with the Buyer that is paid by the seller of the property.

There is no restriction on the amount of the Las Vegas home rebate or the purchase price of the home.

When you choose me as your trusted and reliable estate agent, I can offer the largest Las Vegas home rebate of up to 50% of my commission upon the sale of a resale or pre-owned home in the Las Vegas Valley.

Can New Homes be Visited without the Estate Agent?

Yes, but registration on the is highly recommended. Before proceeding with a visit to a new home community of interest, register on and CALL ME to PRE-REGISTER you with the new home builder. Depending on the requirements of the builder, I may have to accompany you on your first visit to the new home builder.

Do Builders Offer Similar Incentives if I represent Myself?

You will not receive a Las Vegas home rebate without agent representation and you may not receive any builder incentives should you represent yourself.

What Happens if I Visit the Home Builder First without Representation or Registration?

The outcome depends on the home builder. Although some new home builders are flexible, others will not allow me to represent you. REGISTER FIRST WITH HOME REBATE NEVADA.COM AND Contact ME on 702-870-6000 or 702-781-8181.

Qualifications for a Las Vegas Home Rebate on Resale or Pre-Owned Homes

Home Rebate Nevada will share commissions from 33% up to 50% of the commission received from the seller. Home buyers must be prepared and pre-approved with a mortgage company before visiting resale or pre-owned homes.

Before going to open houses or visiting pre-owned homes register

on Home Rebate Nevada. We must show you the resale or pre-owned home first.

How will I receive my NEW HOME Las Vegas Home Rebate?

If you are financing your new home you must inform the mortgage company and your rebate MAY be used to reduce the Sales price of the new home, be used for closing costs, upgrades or to buy down the interest rate on your loan. How your rebate was used will show on your Closing Statement.

How Will I receive my Resale or Pre-Owned Las Vegas Home Rebate?

You must inform the mortgage company about your Las Vegas Home Rebate if you are financing your home purchase. Your home rebate may be used for closing costs or to buy down your interest rate.

REGISTER FIRST WITH HOME REBATE NEVADA.COM AND Contact ME at 702-870-6000 or 702-781-8181.

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