GET A HOUSE REBATE ON NEW OR RESALE HOMES IN LAS VEGAS VALLEY. Homebuyers find the highest rebate with Dan Krynzel with Desert Sky Realty. Commission typically shared by the seller is 2.5 to 3% on resale homes and 3% of the purchase price on new homes.

The commission shared with the buyer is up to 2.5% of the commission. The amount of the house rebate shared with the buyer depends on the price of the RESALE or NEW home. Regardless of the type of home (new home, regular, short sale, REO) the house rebate remains the same with no additional fees. A house rebate is sometimes referred as home rebate, home buyer rebate or commission rebate.

House Rebates (Commission Rebate) for Resale or Pre-owned Homes

How it Works:

1. Use our MLS lookup or any other MLS to find a house that you would like to tour.

2. Contact Us: 702-870-6000, or email us at You can also use the contact form on our website.

3. Get Pre-Approved: Get pre-approved by a lender to focus on your customized price range.

4. If you find a home or homes you would like to tour please call us so we can show you the home.

5. If you already have a home you want to make an offer please call us. You my receive a larger commission share or home rebate.

House Rebate for New Homes Largest Home rebate in the industry, Receive up to 80% of the commission received from any new home builder in the Las Vegas Valley.

Receiving a house rebate will not disqualify you from receiving other incentives offered by the builder such as limited time prices, appliance upgrades and closing credits.

Home buyer rebates are used to pay closing costs, upgrades, or buying down the cost of the home. Your home rebate could be used to buy down the interest rate. These home rebates are allowed by the Nevada Real Estate Commission in the State of Nevada.

The home rebate will be used in accordance with the incentives the new home builder is offering. Steps to Visiting New Home Developments

Steps to Visiting New Home Developments

1. Sign up on Ensure we have made contact prior to going to any new developments. I may be able to pre-register you before visiting any new homes. Pre-registration may eliminate the need for me to be with you on your first visit.

2. Download the new home builder representation form for each home builder you plan to visit. Registration is required for each home builder.

3. Provide the Registration form to the new home agent Let the new home representative know that you are represented by us as your buyer’s real estate agent on a form or paper where you are asked to list your contact information. There are times when the new home builder requires me to be with you on your first visit.
We ensure that the new home buyer rebate is being factored into your new home purchase from the beginning. House rebates can be used to buy down the expense of upgrades, closing costs, or used to buy down the price of the home. In some cases such as cash buyers, a house rebate results in a surplus amount which may result in a check being issued by Title at close of escrow. Your commission rebate may be figured according to the base cost of your new home and can make a significant contribution.

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